Some Random Thoughts

After whole day of hectic lab work, I am feeling so lethargic that I can barely move my body to and fro. Even when I am writing through my LIVE WRITER, I am dragging my fingers through the keyboard keys striking at the rate of approximately 30 words per minute. I guess, it doesn’t sounds like dragging, but believe me (I am not boasting), I can type at double the speed of this pace. With all those huge number of samples on the table, I thought of changing my mind to work on another day turning all those samples back to my –200C-refrigerator. But, then, suddenly my mind veered to thinking something substantial and logical. It said, “Is this that hard for you to work in a room with your air-condition  turned on with the volume of music to the high pitch giving damn to the backdrops things?” “So, then how about somebody working in a mid-day scourging sun with sultry milieu at the temperature soaring to over 400C?”

I looked back to my appurtenances and started over it again with all those things still in place with my self generated mindful thoughts. Finally, I was able to finish after long-day of lingering with same things over and over again…… Ah!!

One reason for this tiredness and feeling of sapless would possibly be the late night party with one of our renowned professor from our college and his student.

dining with ajarn chanwit in Bangkok

I was insisted a lot for trying to have a taste of wine, but I cordially refused. It’s not because I wanted to do so, but because, I have never had it and I don’t want to have any form of drinks specifically any form of hard drinks which includes: rum, beer, wine, vodka, and many other which I can’t even remember the names. I just wanted to abstain from something that can make me addicted to it – as long as I can. In fact, to confess, I have a very weak will-power or say, I do not have that will-power to keep myself away from something I like. Sometimes, it is good — which is often rare, but in some of the cases its bad. And, I am already suffering from one such kind of addiction – CYBER MANIA! or better say obsession with computer, internet and technological things. And, there is nothing I can do to help myself. My habit of keeping myself promised to abstain myself from the drink things might be offensive or might have put-off people in instances. For, that, I just want to say, “I am really sorry”. 

For the yesterday’s night dinner, I would simply like to thank our professor for taking us all that way to the awesome place. And, he was our sole sponsor – really generous. And, I feel it is good to acknowledge and thank.

These are some of the moments I cherish and I will miss it for ever once I will leave this place.


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