An Experience with Humor

I know it will sound more awful to identify the post with something like “An Experience with Humor” would not exactly comes out to be true at the end – no more humor. We all know that fact that we have got  very bad habit of skimming some interesting stuffs to find out something boring and sullen just because we enjoy to run after some interesting phrase, word or idioms that appears in the heading/ topic of an article, short notes, communication, opinion or comment section. So, with no much ado, I would just better find it more straight forward to say that better find a way than to getting lost in this post because of its topic. This is just a kind of short personal review about the article in the section called, “The Awesome Column” in Time magazine by Joel Stein titled “Baby on Board”.

Well, its about a new rule being imposed by the Malaysian Airlines to not allow the kids in the first class. That means, they will have much more to offer to those nasty kids who makes people suffer in their surrounding all the way and make them feel the ride of hell through their hellish activities. This has not penalized them, but instead awarded them for being so, as their parents will not have to pay extra to take them to the business class compartment. In simple word, i.e. no more juicing the fat purse!!

The reason why it is funny is because of its contents and the way writer has presented his intellect through sharp stinging words striking like an arrow towards the kids. It feels to me like I am originally surrounded by those nasty kid all around me crying, screaming, making noise and pulling my hairs from behind – which they are very adroit in.

I ever had a similar kind of experience , but I was I more leverage situation and position and place than a hell-locked plane onboard, where you can’t scream along with those nasty kids in frustration, nor you can lull them to silence. We do not really have that leeway to do all those things in a close compartment nutting up everybody around you.

I really feel pity on those parents who are called “kids-parents” in those kinds of situations which is more sarcastic and vitriolic at the same time then to just suffer from those hellish situation.

I guess, I might too have created those kind of scenes and made my parents feel the same, but still with no single words of complaints. Thanks to them!!

Thanks for reading.


Rajesh Chaudhary


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