Reading for Pleasure


Reading for pleasure might sound a little bit weird for someone who are not really into it. But, these days, with the increasing no. of technologies and media, I have felt like people are more interested in reading things. People these days are enjoying reading more than they use to in olden days. This is not something that I have researched into. But, I have felt because of the seamless flow of the information, which reflects the fact that people have read it or somehow come across these things and now they are popping out sporadically.

From the days when people have to struggle hard to read papers in candle light (kerosene light) to these days palmtop technologies in hand where they do not have to worry for the backdrop light that will hinder the smooth reading on the monitor – we all are enjoying now these days. But, ironically, we fail to acknowledge and than the technology that has provided us so much with this magnificent platform. So, in a way, this post can be taken as an acknowledgement for what technology has provided us today.

The pictures that appear above in this post is not an excerpt – this is what I have taken personally while visiting one local stationary shopping center. A center with huge collection of local and international books that can satiate the voracious hunger of the bookworms lingering around the center.

These pictures were taken in stationary center in Bangkok called as ‘B2S’ in Central Pinklao – one of my major places to hang out. But the weird thing is that, my hangout is with the books and stationary. Even though sometimes,I do not go there for buying, I like spending time there looking at the books and their reviews. And, for me, ‘BOOKS ARE MY BEST FRIENDS!’ Winking smile

Reading is some kind of influence which gradually develops over time, if we are just willing to look at it.

Thanks for reading.


Rajesh Chaudhary


P.S. Can you guys share with us what are you major, most notable, and comfortable place to read books?


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